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Wanted Community

Wanted Community is the first mutual aid community in France on Facebook and has become one of the most important in the world.

It allows thousands of people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds to exchange, give advice and help each other. 

The adventure started in Paris, in 2011, with the creation of the Facebook Group « Wanted Bons Plans » by Luc Jaubert.

Today, the Wanted Community is present in 74 cities around the world. It is being managed by tens of volunteering ambassadors spread in each city to unsure respectful and relevant interactions with its members. 

The community has more than 600,000 members around the world and receives 25,000 new demands every month by people who adopt its values. 

Wanted Community Shop has been designed and created to its members closer together and take a step further from a virtual environment to the real world. 

Following its Facebook groups, the online boutique Wanted Community Shop will be a responsible not-for-profit organization.