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Responsible Approach

Wanted Community Shop is a not-for-profit organization, responsible and solidary. 100% of the sales profits will be dedicated to the financing of reforestation projects, initiated by our partner WeForest, an environmental non-profit organization.

I. How does it work? 

You buy on the online boutique Wanted Community Shop and the generated profits will be fully and directly transferred to our partner, the environmental association WeForest which fights against global warming, CO2 emissions and deforestations, supporting the sustainable development and the integration of disadvantaged populations

II. Why We Forest? 

WeForest has planted more than 15 million trees, up to date, which represents more than 10,000 ha of forest. Its founders are following a responsible ecological and civic approach and are fighting actively against global warming.  We are strongly convinced that is it of our own responsibility to act and protect our planet. 100% of realised profits by Wanted Community Shop will then be dedicated to plant trees in the appropriate ecosystems, to contribute to their growth in order to engage population around the environmental cause and allow them to develop their own local economy. 

III. Why Trees? 

Trees represent the best technology to absorb the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and hence, reverse the global warming. 

Through contributing to the reforestation objectives with WeForest, Wanted Community members will have a direct positive impact on the global environmental issues, the local biodiversity as well as on local socio-economical structures in need, while defending its core values of care and solidarity. 

WeForest doesn’t focus on one specific kind of tree but rather promote diversities of local species, some that can produce fruit or sustainable timber. 

IV. Where are the trees planted? 

When buying our clothes and accessories, you will take part to the reforestation of the Luanshya region in Zambia. WeForest has an objective of planting 600,000 more trees in this region by the end of 2017. And they need you to succeed. 

We transfer 100% of our sales profits to finance the maximum we can and contribute, with you, to the development of this region and its population. WeForest and Wanted Community take part to the fight against global warming in a natural way and help build a healthy ecosystem for local populations in Zambia. 

This action aims as well as developing local economic structures through the promotion of new sources of incomes and new possibilities of employment.

Through the help provided by WeForest, local farmers will be empowered in the self-management of their forest and will gain possibilities of accessing to land property. This way, the program insures the sustainability of the reforesting project in Zambia. 

To be fully transparent about our activity and collaboration, Wanted Community commits to make public the amount transferred to WeForest on a monthly basis.