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The Wanted Community clothes and accessories will be produced according to the orders. The time limit will vary between 10 to 15 working days (except week ends and bank holidays). It corresponds to the time needed for receiving the order, opening, embroidery or printing and packing the ordered goods. 


When the box has been sent, a message will automatically be sent on your mail box with information about the delivery by Colissimo (our courier). The delivery time can vary between 3 and 6 days. A link and a tracking number will be sent by email, allowing you to follow your parcel online. You can follow your box by connecting on the client space of our international courrier with your tracking number

  • Has my order been sent?

The delivery date of your order will be indicated in the email confirmation. We already thank you for being patient until this date to receive your parcel at home or to get it from a Relay point (chosen when ordering)

  • What to do if my order is late?

First advice: Keep calm! It can happen and we will find a solution together ☺ 

If your order is late, if it hasn’t been delivered at home or at any Relay points, we are here to help you but before contacting us, here are some of the checks you can do on your own:

- Follow the link on your confirmation email which will allow you to see where your order is right now.

- Check if the delivery address on the confirmation email is correct as well as your personal information. If you received a notification from the courier Colissimo, it is possible that your order is already waiting for you at the nearest post office or Relay point. If the order is still with the courier, you can contact them directly to schedule a new delivery time. 

- Finally, check with your neighbours that/if? they didn’t get the order while you were absent.

  • Who can I contact in case of delivery problems? 

If you haven’t found your order after all these checks, you can contact either:

- the client service of Colissimo by telephone at 3631 from France or 0810 821 821 from a foreign country or 

you can contact us via the « contact » section in the menu of our online boutique website. 

In addition, if you require an information, you can also contact by phone the workshop "La Manufacture" which manages the sendings on our behalf: +339.

You can be sure we are doing our best to respect the delivery time. However, during high activity periods (sales, new product launch) these time limits can be longer. 

Wanted Community won’t be held responsible for the loss or theft of any orders following specific delivery instructions given to the courier. 


  • May I cancel or change my order? 

Once you have confirmed your order, we cannot change it. No change of size, colour, address or even payment mode can be possible. In fact, on Wanted Community Shop, we order, open, produce, pack and send your order the fastest possible, which means that we cannot change your order once it has been confirmed, validated and paid. However, under certain conditions, you will be allowed to return your order. We invite you to read the « return » section on our online boutique website. 


  • May I return my order? 

In case you are not satisfied, you have the possibility to return your order and ask for a refunding. To be done, you have 14 days starting from the date of receipt of your package to contact us by the section "Contact Us".

Note that you should support the cost of the return.  

Keep in mind that the return is under your responsibility until its arrival in our offices. Ask for a delivery proof when returning your order. 

When the order has been returned, you will have to wait for 14 working days so that it is delivered to us. When we receive it, we will handle it in the next 5 working days (except week ends and bank holidays) and a confirmation email will be sent to you. The reimbursement will automatically be transferred over the next 10 to 15 days following the reception of the return confirmation email. The refund will be made on the same account that the one used when ordering.

Disclaimer: Our online shop comprises links towards other websites managed by third parties. These links are established to help you but "Wanted Community Shop" does not have any control on these websites and should not be considered liable for their contents, availabilities or malfunctions.